Online Backup & Recovery

Your data is important

Data is incredibly important to every business, and any business losing order history, accounts or email would struggle to recover.

Having said that, all businesses are different and so is the urgency to recover their data. This is something that plays a very big part in how we support you.

In the first instance we look to ensure that every company that we support has off-site backup every night. In the event of a problem, then anything from a single file to their full data and email can be easily recovered.

Back up, Recovery or Continuity

It doesn’t just have to be about the safety of your data – many businesses now are looking to develop a continuity plan.

We can help you create a business continuity plan to determine how long it would take, in the event of a disaster, for your employees to return to work, and at that point what the level of data loss would be.

The choice is up to you.

Our solutions for your business

  • Off-site data back up
  • Off-site server imaging
  • Remote access and remote working
  • Hosted Email and Data options
  • Microsoft Office 365

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