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Slow PC?

You may have noticed your PC slowing down, this slow down isn’t always indicative of a virus or malware it can just be down to the increased demands of a modern, connected life. Here at digit-all, we can help improve the performance of your PC by performing some simple tests and upgrades.

If you’ve been a PC user for as long as us at digit-all, you’ll remember in-built tools like disk defragment etc. these were once an essential part of speeding up your PC, but had to be manually initiated by you. The good news is that more modern versions of Windows perform all of this work in the background, so there’s no longer any need to worry about them. Maintenance tasks now-a-days focus on cleaning out unwanted files, Microsoft doesn’t do automatically just in case it deletes something useful. Regularly cleaning out the web browser cache, Recycle Bin and Windows’ temporary files can help get rid of lots of rubbish and stop the system having to worry it.

If you purchased your last PC on a budget, it will have come with the smallest amount of RAM memory and smallest disk drive the manufacturer could get away with at the time. Software companies write all of their updates with new PC’s in mind, which can put a strain on your PC. When the RAM or drive is full, the performance of your PC can be severely affected. However, most desktops and laptops (even the tiny models) can be upgraded with a larger hard drive and more RAM. During an upgrade with digit-all, we can back up and copy over all your files, so the system will be just like when you left it, only faster and better at multi tasking. You can also upgrade to a modern SSD drive which will speed up your computer and make it run cooler and more quietly, as there are no moving components, for an additional benefit.

If you still don’t have the budget for a new SSD or RAM, a simple interim solution could be to use ReadyBoost, this utility comes pre-installed on Windows 7, 8 and 10. Buy a cheap 8Gb or higher USB memory stick and you can use it to increase your computer’s available memory. It isn’t as fast as installed RAM, but does work as a cheap alternative and an instant upgrade that you can carry out yourself. All of these solutions will help, but the quickest way to get that new PC feel is to reinstall the operating system and all your applications.

Looking for a new PC or Laptop?

looking for a new pc

Are you looking to buy a new laptop or PC? We understand that this can be a daunting task, there are a myriad of choices for you to make. If its a new home computer you’re after, your list of requirements probably isn’t too long, but it’s very easy to get drawn in by a smooth talking sales assistant.

Before you go shopping, sit down and make a list of all the things you want your next computer to have. Do you need a laptop? If, so does it need to be a super light op of the range model, or are you able to sacrifice portability for cost?

Are you a gamer in need of uber performance and smooth graphics? If so, you’ll be looking for a much more powerful machine than if your main need is general home computing. Word Processing, Excel, Facebook and the kids homework don’t require huge memory or top notch graphics cards.

Now you have your ‘must have’ list, have a look at your budget – fingers crossed that what you need and what you can afford aren’t too far apart! Have a look online for makes and models that match your requirements and then make sure you look at a range of websites for a comparison of pricing – prices will vary depending where you go!! Don’t forget to use these sites to check the reviews as well.

When you buy your next computer can play a big part in how much you spend – can you wait for Black Friday in November or the Christmas sales? It might be worth waiting so you can grab a bargain, but remember that the reduction you might get isn’t guaranteed. If it’s just a basic home PC you need, you might want to try looking at a refurbished computer, these can offer big savings, with little impact on performance.

If your old PC or laptop is still in reasonable condition, you might want to consider donating it to a charity like Computers 4 Africa, which completely wipes and then refurbishes donated IT equipment so it can be sent to children in Africa. It’s an ethical and economical option that opens the door to IT education for thousands of children.

Remember that repairs or upgrades often work out cheaper than a new computer. Feel free to call us for a chat and see if digit-all could extend the lifespan of your machine. Alternatively, we can also help if you’re having trouble setting up your new computer.